This page documents Elemental Correstialism, starting from oldest at the top to the newest and upcoming features at the bottom.


Elemental Correstialism has been out in Alpha for almost a year, coming out on 30th of December, 2016 and closing in on v0.7 coming out on 13th of July, 2017.

Versions in bold text were considered "major".

Version Steam Changelog Notes Release date
v0.3.1 Mod was released for public in v0.3.1
v0.3.1 changes:
  • Fixed the parallax bugs, sadly the gas "lines" in the background of gas planets don't move anymore.
  •  Bookmark icons were added for Elemental Correstialism biomes.
First public release of the mod 2016-12-30
v0.5 The mod has been updated to v0.5.
AFTER this update's release, I now aim to make this compatible with FU, while also updating the mod.

Changes v0.5 brings:

  • 10 new Elemental(found at Elemental stars) planetary biomes: Diamond carbon, Silicon, Aliuminium, Sulfur, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Uranium and Plutonium.
  • A new EPP Upgrade: H-Elemental EPP Upgrade.
    • This EPP Upgrade requires the newly added Pressure Decomposers. Pressure Decomposers themselves require even more newly added items, mainly - Advanced Capsules. The cost of this new EPP is quite high, because of the difficulty to craft one.
  • A new planetary hazard: CRAZY pressure. Found on Gold, Uranium and Plutonium planets.
  • 4 UNUSED VANILLA STARBOUND items... are BACK IN USE! Those are: Uranium Ore, Uranium Rod, Plutonium Ore and Plutonium Rod.
  • New recipes and items.
  • New material: Diamond Carbon.
  • A mistake was found in description of almost all element materials. As these elements start getting used in the mod, their description will be fixed.
  • Texture of some element materials was changed.
  • New parallax was added for Elemental planets.
  • 2 new quests are now given by Esther after the initial 2.
  • More!
v0.5.1 NO WAY! I finally managed to update the mod!
Hooray! So, this update is pretty important, but I need to make a very quick... another update, because I forgot to fix something before uploading this one. Oopsies.
v0.5.2 Quick fix done, now to tell what has changed...
v0.5.1 and v0.5.2 have mainly been focused to make this mod COMPATIBLE with Frackin' Universe!
Despite the mod being able to RUN with Frackin' Universe, please don't get excited *too* much, because there's something important about compatibility with Frackin' Universe, more on that can be found in the Discussion, that I've made in the Discussions tab.
v0.5.1, the one I uploaded 5 minutes ago has:
  • Changed IDs of some materials that were "duplicates"(they had exact name as some items from FU), so they aren't bugged.
  • I made one of the patches in this mod ADD star types to the list of those generated, instead of REPLACING and OVERWRITING possible other custom star types other mods may have added before.(In order for this mod to be completely compatible with FU, FU owners should do the same...)
  • Right before this update was uploaded, I've decided to slowly make a change from the names that I've had to "ecitem", so that this mod is way more likely to be compatible with others. I started off with making this change to the hydrogen ITEM, but forgot to do so for the material and where the old name is used, so it was broken for this update..

v0.5.2 has

  • Fixed the hydrogen bug I've made, explained above.
The compatibility issue with Frackin' Universe listed in this changelog was later fixed by making EC run after it. 2017-01-03
v0.5.7 New version v0.5.7 features somewhat the following stuff:

  • Should be fully compatible with Frackin' Universe - Nothing should bug out at all.
  • Added Acid Broadswords and an Acid Weaponry(I hope they are also craftable).
  • There is a new .cinematic file that isn't used yet..?
  • Deleted useless item pictures.
  • Some more changes...

First update after Elemental Correstialism went "missing" and was hidden from everyone, due to Hellession's real life problems.

Also the first update to include a newly programmed .lua file inside.

v0.5.8 v0.5.8 makes it possible to play Elemental Correstialism in version 1.3 of Starbound!
Enjoy the new great features of Starbound version 1.3 with the new planets at[sic] features (useless for now, but will be useful in the future) this mod adds.
The only big thing I had to do to make this compatible with the new version of SB made the changelog look tiny:
  • Added images of planet types EC adds, when you browse a star system(planet images in 24x24 px resolution).
Compatibility update for new Starbound 1.3. 2017-06-09
v0.6 Welcome to v0.6!
This update adds a new package system, it is a rip-off from Clash Royale, but I hope it brings some fun:
  • Every time you complete a quest to progress in Starbound story(except exploring the outpost), you get a special Tier package:
    • The package has the tier of the quest you were completing. If you just repaired your ship for example, you'll get Tier 1 package.
    • Tier packages all take 5 seconds to unlock and start from 2 items per package. The rarity and amount of items you get from the package grows with the tier.
    • You get a special End-game Starbound package, after ending the vanilla part of the game. It contains lots of rare stuff.
  • Frog Furnishing shop on intervals sells packages that contain Objects:
    • Object Packages contain a LOT of objects, ranging from all races, to holiday specials. You are even able to get unobtainable objects from these.
    • Object Packages can exist in special rarities, just as Clash Royale Chests(Normal Object Package - Silver Chest, Gold - Gold, Filled - Giant, Valuable - Magical, Hyper - Super Magical)
    • Hyper Object Packages come last in the Frog Furnishing rotation and guarantee a Legendary item!
    • Object Packages(and rarer versions) can be randomly found in treasure storages.
    • Can be dropped by Tier packages.
  • Tier packages sometimes drop Monster Drop Packages:
    • They also can exist in rarities like Object Packages(look above!).
    • Hyper Monster Drop Packages contain lots of items, but dont guarantee a Legendary.
    • Epic and Legendary items are rare boss drop items.

Along with that, there is additional stuff that comes with v0.6, while Elemental Correstialism goes into Beta!

  • The cockpit GUI had changes. I made a retarded video about that here: [steam://openurl/] . Don't worry, Sayter's changes to the cockpit don't break my stuff.
  • With the last update, I added a special Gasaneute Erchius' Eye. It is now craftable and you learn the blueprint as you pick up a Gasaneute Sulfide for the first time.
  • I added 4 microdungeons to my Gas planets. They contain a little amount of treasure.
  • Elemental planets now have music.
  • After completing the Uranium Rod quest and delivering 20 of those to Esther, you'll set a huge step into Elemental Correstialism's lore, but the cinematic is incomplete, because I can't draw. Maybe I will try drawing in the future... I can't for now.
  • Fixed some 1.3 bugs that appeared.

I will now be finishing my Starbound Detailed Modding E-book, sooo yeah. I will come back soon![It was not fully finished]

First version of the mod that was posted on the Chucklefish forums. 2017-06-20


Elemental Correstialism is currently in Beta, no longer than a year has passed since v0.7, but it barely got out of the "0.7" branch of the progression.

Version Steam Changelog Notes Release date
New features:
  • Many chemical items were completely reworked. A lot were deleted. This was done because they are useless, waste time or are defined by other mods, like Frackin' Universe.
  • New 4 Unique Weapons, crafted in the Evil Station - All of them are of Tier 7!
  • New crafting materials and a new crafting station - Advanced Mech Table!
  • The Package System is now more of a Clash Royale rip-off - Clash Royale sounds were added to the mod(if you are the owner of these sounds from Supercell, please contact me directly with personal proof and this change will be reverted).
    • New type of packages: Weapon Packages! They drop weapons and are found as treasure.
    • Chances for different rarities were seriously nerfed and changed. In v0.6, packages generated cards of random amounts for rarities that drop. This means that basically many cards could drop as Legendary or Epic. This was changed to a system, where each card is rolled for their rarity, while the rarity chances were nerfed. Rare cards have a 10% chance to drop, Epics - 0,5%, Legendaries - 0,05%.
  • New race! Human-like Correstials! They are found on the new Correstial planets.
  • New planetary biome! Correstial Lush planets! Found in Correstial Stars. Have a random tier ranging from 8 to 10.
  • The cinematic Elemental Correstialism adds is now complete and full with images and animations.
  • 2 new large dungeons for Correstial Lush planets! An Unpaired Correstial village and a Correstial Couple dungeon!
  • Gas planets now have their own corresponding underground biomes and are no longer geologically active.
  • New monster! Gasterbina! Found on Gas planets.
  • Correstial stars were reworked - now they spawn hot planets close to the star, temperate planets in the Goldilocks' zone and frozen planets far away.
  • New Custom Player Stations! You can upgrade your Station Transponder to send a special probe, which instead of having expansion slots, lets you build your own stations without ANY tile protection! They also give you bonus stuff!
  • Acidic broadswords now have their own special weapon ability.
  • Correstials came with their own special codices. 3 of them to read and for the lore.
  • Gas planet materials have been reworked with their looks - they can no longer be multicolored, but all of them now have variants.

(I wanted to add a special Correstial outpost in this update, but I was so late that this was going to happen today, but my PC was a full asshole today, I kept getting an unknown error. ;( )

The actual reason to why the Correstial outpost was postponed for this update was actually because of a major bug fixed in v0.7.1. 2017-07-13
v0.7.1 v0.7.1 update:
Fixes a major bug:

licflagg reported the bug and made the developer realize that the bug was not "happening just for him alone". 2017-07-14
v0.7.6 Welcome to the first developmental update, meaning EC will start following a more similar pattern of updates, like FU does, which happen near every day for FU(for EC it'll be rarer, but updates will come with less features, rather than a huge update once per a while).


v0.7.6 changes:

  • Hellession's personal disappointment that he failed to get a stable update ready days before.
  • New mission and quest. Tons of quests that follow, but serve no purpose yet.
    • The new mission introduces new behavior and "miniboss enemy" into the game.
  • A new Correstial Outpost! Esther will give you its coordinates once you complete the first 4 quests that were present the entire time.
    • The Correstial Outpost will contain a scripted object with an animated GUI that will be the main pathway in EC's story(if it'll ever come out).
  • I FORGOT TO MENTION... The cockpit interface has been made smaller, because of complaints with screen sizes.
  • Added particles to random packages and animated rays.
  • New additional information is now displayed, once you click on a planet(and if you have MPI installed, it doesn't work..)
  • Fixed random packages incorrectly displaying weapons. I guess... they are somewhat okay...? I guess? At least it's not just one part.
  • Fixed the bug, when mining terminite drops a PGI.
  • EC is now compatible with TrueSpace(thanks to bk3000, who provided help in getting this possible).
Despite being a developmental version, it did not follow the syntax of the future developmental versions. 2017-09-25
v0.7.6_dev_02 v0.7.6_dev_02 changes:

  • 2 changes to the new Dertenelike Treasure quest for optimisation: There is a 100 tile range that only within cultists and enemies will now spawn and the game should not spawn more than 30 cultists at once in the world. Sadly, they did not make me have less lag with many NPCs.
v0.7.6d03a v0.7.6d03a only change:

  • Cockpit patch changes to work properly, in addition with Elemental Correstialism + More Planet Info patch with these mods Flat UI, Frackin' Universe.
Another change to the version syntax and final as of now. 2018-01-05


v0.7.6d04a changes:

  • bk3000 has suggested to remove the dirty patch of the cockpit script and make a more friendly patch. This has now been done as dirty editing might cause other mods doing something with this script be less compatible.
  • People have claimed that FU "isn't working with this mod anymore, especially with the cockpit". After testing, that is not true.
    • The two previous changes have been subject to incompatibility with what seems to be a combination of BYOS and FU(I guess?). However, my own testing with the change of no cockpit script dirty edit didn't prove that BYOS is now compatible. In fact, after trying out something out of that mod, my Starbound instance hard-crashed.
  • Hydrogen material has a new texture to point at an upcoming change of material textures. Does it look better? Put your opinions in the comments.
  • Some items have received graphical changes to look less cancerous.



v0.7.6d05a changes:

  • The random package system algorithm that generates drops was completely REWORKED!
    • It should safe from seriously bugs and crashes for now. No guarantees though, you can be the extensive testers. This is still a developmental version.
    • A major flaw was discovered before the release day with the system, but was fixed.
  • More subtle changes to some spritework. Do you like the new Hydrogen, Helium and Nitrogen item icons?
  • Some materials and item descriptions have been changed to be less boring.
  • New mech packages! And I just realized they are inaccessible...
    • Mech packages had a special treasure pool added for them, so that they can be found in space anomalies. I forgot to insert a reference th that new treasure pool though, so for the moment, they can't be found.
  • The random package GUI now shows you the history of the items you unboxed in the current package.
  • The random package GUI now displays "+" instead of "x" when getting items.
  • Random package unlock times HEAVILY reduced. Now the max wait time is 30 seconds.
  • Object packages now have a new look. Do you like it?
  • Story tier packages have had their sprites improved in the GUI. Prior to this update they displayed as an end-game story package, now they are the exact same like outside of the GUI.

  • Own taste inserted

"Own taste inserted" refers to secret changes made by Hellession to replace from Frackin' Universe, because they were annoying and unnecessary in his opinion:

1. Title screen music set to ONLY the song "Starbound", not any horror theme and no action songs.

2. The FU pop-up at the start of a player's instance had it time wait to close reduced to 1 second.



(current version)

v0.7.6d05b changes:

  • Fixed the treasure pools for mech packages to spawn in common space treasure pools with an 8% chance. Have fun!

Upcoming features

The following features are considered to be added to Elemental Correstialism:

Possible version Features NET(No earlier than)
v0.7.6d06a(next update)
  • Even more changes to the mod graphics.
    • Heartbreaker set armor looks changed
  • New variations of existing weapons
Delayed till April 2018
~v0.8(not considered a major update)

(v0.8 will not exist as a "major update", but instead will be part of v0.9, which will be the final update, including developmental changes, as final additions to the lore will be made for v1.0)

  • Major additions to existing gas/elemental biomes to make them more diverse and no longer make them feel underdeveloped
    • Unique subbiomes for gas and elemental biomes, including previously not found materials(suggested by Hypsellis)
    • New dungeons
    • New microdungeons
    • Better parallax
    • Possibly more unique weather
    • New monsters
  • Total improvements to the visual part of the mod
  • Finish chapter 1 of the buildup of the Elemental Correstialism lore(add final main mission)
  • New weapons, ingredients and more expanded crafting and tier progression
  • Many (element) materials to be removed
  • "Distillery" object added to let players extract water from ocean water(suggested by Patch)
Late Spring 2018
  • Fully finished lore up to the final boss mission
  • Extremely expanded, seriously implemented and very progressive tier system, including crafting stations, ingredients, materials and interesting progression for the player, adding access to well-made tier 7-10 weapons and giving unique items for the final boss fight coming in v1.0.
  • New star type(inaccessible at all in v0.9).
  • Finished biomes with implemented dungeons and features interesting to explore.
  • Basically, the entire mod finished except the final boss mission and epilogue.

Summer 2018


(Final release, mod exits Early Access)

  • Final "Ariel Humanity Hatred" boss fight released with the mission of the boss fight and a few minibosses.
  • Epilogue released.
  • A reward of the final mission is released, which will grant access as a reward to the new star type previously added in v0.9.

Fall 2018